Cigar Edition

Why become a retailer?

  1. Helps customers learn what they do or do not like about a particular cigar.
  2. A well informed customer increases your bottom line.
  3. Big Sally’s Diary helps to build a customers confidence when they walk into your shop.
  4. An informed customer knows what cigar they are looking for, which frees you up to make other potential sales.
  5. By understanding what a customer likes in a cigar you can suggest other ones that fit their criteria.
  6. A customer who enjoys writing down their thoughts about cigars will be more apt to buy other cigars.
  7. Big Sally’s Diary helps build more of a relationship between you and the customer which keeps them coming into your shop.
  8. Our Buy Back Guarantee helps put your mind at ease with your investment. After first year of your purchase we will buy back any book not sold (as long as they are in original condition). Only available on Mayor Packages at this time.