I want to give a special thank you to my publisher Dawn with Blue Dragon Publishing. She is the reason my idea came to reality

Our Story

When I started smoking cigars back in 2021, there was a lot to take in. As I would pick up various cigars, I would write each one down in a notebook. I would write down the profile of each one until I started seeing a pattern of cigars I liked. When I would go to shops and asked if they had a logbook tailored to cigars, most of them said no. I went online and found a few journals, but in my view they were not set up properly. Most of what I saw were journals that had only a few pages and what I call, “The Circle of Doom”. “The Circle of Doom” is a circle that has different tasting notes. Many include notes like almonds, leather, nutmeg, citrus etc. These journals didn’t seem to be what I was looking for. For this reason I decided to make my own logbook with the user in mind. I designed the Logs to be easily filled out. This allows the user to decide what descriptions they want to describe the cigar. I want you to be able to discover new cigars and feel confident in doing so. We hope Big Sally’s Diary will help you grow in your craft. If your shop does not carry Big Sally’s Diary tell your shop owner to order today.